We offer a unique recruitment based model for Staffing. We ensure we are able to offer the right employees, with the necessary skills, in the proper positions at the right time, where staffing ultimately becomes a strategic decision making process.

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What Can We Do For You?

  • Safeguard your “people assets” and identify opportunities to improve business processes and enhance revenue.

  • Transfer and centralize the burden of managing your contingent labor program to increase your ROI by managing suppliers, standardizing rates, handling invoicing, ensuring vendor compliance and providing analytics so you can make informed decisions, evaluate the program and adjust as needed.

  • Offer access to technology and methodologies at a fraction of the full development investment to help increase risk coverage and provide enhanced value.

  • Manage a contingent workforce across multiple locations, divisions, and geographic regions.

  • Ensure you are getting the quality talent you need, when you need it, at the best value.

  • Free scarce HR, Operational, and Project resources for more strategic activities.

PLANC is ideal for:

  • All size of projects that go beyond internal capabilities

  • Recruiting in regions with little or no local recruitment resources or in remote areas.

  • Improving on the quality, efficiency and consistency of recruiting

Our unique ability to recruit and provide talent management, and our successful track record in the Industrial, construction, oil & gas and energy sector, makes us an enviable partner. MPG can provide you with the blueprint for overcoming your recruitment challenges now and in the future.