Benefits of PLANC


PLANC delivers candidates that fit better, become productive sooner, and have more growth potential than those recruited using other methods. The result; better candidates which are more effective and efficient.

  • Get Access to Better Candidates: Our team of professional recruiters, our comprehensive screening, assessment and interviewing techniques/program, are proven to be 25 to 30% better than conventional techniques at selecting candidates who will perform well in specific roles

  • Faster results: Our processes and technologies, including Web 2.0, social media and applicant tracking, are designed to ensure you make the right hires faster and more efficiently than with any other option

  • Scalability: Our services are cost-effective for single & multi locations. We can also access resources across North America to let you ramp up or extend any recruitment requirement, fast and seamlessly

  • Better value: Our services are competitively priced. Our candidates will be better screened for both qualification and fit and in turn you will spend less time hiring and experience less staff turnover when engaging PLANC