Talent Management

talent mgmt

PLANC’s Talent Management Services is ideal for:

  • All size of projects that go beyond internal capabilities

  • Recruiting in regions with little or no local recruitment resources or in remote areas.

  • Improving on the quality, efficiency and consistency of recruiting

  • Freeing scarce HR, Operational, and Project resources for more strategic activities

Our unique ability to recruit & provide talent management, and our successful track record in the Industrial construction, oil & gas and energy sector, makes us an enviable partner.

Identification of needs

To move forward with the PLANC Talent Management Services, the following steps are offered for your review and consideration:

  1. We meet with your organization to determine what solution would best fit your organizations requirements and budget;

  2. Together we determine the volume of recruits required;

  3. Customize the pricing structure;

  4. Collaborate with your company to make sure our solution aligns with your organization.